<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/13/76/10/23/56/191005110348.jpg?t=1574079616"><br>17 plus Acres; a Developers DREAM - these parcels are the easiest development lots currently available in the Wikieup area. The seller is offering them in two groups; this group of 3 lots, and another group of 2 with a Well, Listed separately. Buy one group and build on one then sell or develop the other two. All parcels have roadway access, exceptional views, beautiful plant material and undisturbed native desert. Wikieup 3 Lots Easy Access Ready to Develop. Roughly a mile from the paved I-93 highway and only roughly 2 miles from town, this group of lots looks over the Big Sandy waterway which several times a year provides a spectacular display of mother nature's forces. Situate your home in such a way that you can hear the rattle and rumble of the moving water for the couple of hours that Sandy flexes her muscles, yet drive to and from your home unobstructed by her ferocious display. Wikieup 3 Lots Easy Access Ready to Develop<br>